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Guardex Flywheel

Product Description

Guardex “FL”

A two-piece flywheel coupling used on off-highway construction equipment(skid steer loaders, aerial lifts, excavators, harvestors, bucket loaders, wheeled loaders, baggage handlers, and directional boring equipment). The design consists of a nylon flywheel flange (both SAE and metric flywheels) and steel hub with internal spline or straight bore with keyway. Accommodates virtually any hydraulic pump! No lubrication required. Steel pump mounting plates; aluminium or gray iron bell housings are also available for just about any engine including Ford, Isuzu, Nissan, Kubota, Deutz, Hatz, Lister Petter, Cummins, Lombardini, Deere, Yanmar, CAT, Perkins, Briggs/Daihatsu, and GM.

Type FL Flywheel Coupling

  • Minimum space:The entire coupling length is normally mounted inside the housing compartment requiring only a flat steel pump mounting plate which we also manufacture. Rear end plate designs also available for Kubota, Perkins, Ford, GM, Nissan, and Deutz engines.

  • Free axial travel: Crowned teeth slide freely in the nylon spline with a +-.080” axial travel. Any shaft float is absorbed by the coupling and not transmitted to the pump components.

  • Blind assembly: Pump hub gear ring fits through the pilot hole of the plate. Faster assembly at lower cost and no inspection ports or hand holes necessary.

  • Crowned gear teeth: Provides for angular misalignment, preventing angular force on the pump shaft bearings and seals.

  • Heat Stable: Fiberglass reinforced nylon designed to operate in diesel engine ambient without air circulation. Dimensionally stable to 250°F.
Guardex Type FL Flywheel

Guardex M Style

Product Description

GUARDEX Series “M”
Flexible Shaft Drive Couplings

The Series “M” line features 1/4" to 3/4" bores, 1/2 HP-294 HP.
This double crowned tooth gear coupling provides free axial movement,low friction and minimum stress during misalignment. Lubrication free nylon sleeve. The steel hubs are available with metric bores & keyways, tapered bores, or SAE splines.

They also have blind assembly, free axial travel and splined/metric bores.


  • Double crowned tooth design provides free axial movement, low friction and minimum stress during misalignment. Designs are available with up to 3/8” axial travel.
  • Molded nylon sleeve with high torsional stiffness, free from any internal frictional losses or heat build-up. A torsionally stiff coupling with minimum backlash.
  • Nylon and steel components allow high ambient temperature operation without lubrication or maintenance. Continuous operating ambient in the ranges between (-) 13°F and (+) 180°F. Heat stabilized polyamide available for temperatures up to (+) 250°F.
  • Nylon sleeves resistant to dirt, moisture, most chemicals and petroleum products. No lubrication, seals or retainers to maintain. Easy clean-up and visual inspection.
  • Compact and lightweight design with high torque and low inertia. Minimum shaft gap for close-coupled applications.
  • Precision molded concentric sleeve and hubs for high speed applications. No bolts, pins, flanges or protrusions to affect balance or safety. Smooth exterior surface.
  • Blind assembly with slip-together components for easy inspection and adjustment without disassembly.
  • Metric, Standard, Splined bores available.
Guardex M Style