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Allied Grid Coupling

Product Description

A general purpose, lubricated grid coupling design that combines the economy and the high torque capacity of a gear coupling, combined with the torsional flexibility of an elastomer coupling.

Type T10 Close Coupled - A double flexing, close-coupled design for use in four bearing systems. Features a horizontally split cover which allows for gird replacement without the movement of the connected equipment.

Type T20 Close Coupled Coupling - A double flexing design featuring a vertically split steel cover. Ideal for higher running speeds.

  • Torsionally flexible and resilient - vibration reduction up to 30%, plus cushion shock loads safeguard driving and driven equipment

  • Quick installation and easy maintenance reduces labor and downtime costs

  • Grids are fully interchangeable with all major USA grid couplings.

  • High tensile, shot-peened alloy steel grids and precision machined hubs ensure superior performance and long life.

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